Friday, January 15, 2010

Made it to Cairo

Hi everyone,
I made it safely to Egpyt after a long three days of traveling, but the trip was well worth it. It's orientation week here inwhich we're getting aqaunited to the Greater Cairo and the Arabic culture. It's vastly different from other places I've been before and I love it. The beauty here is beyond words and has a almost magical sense to it. Just yesterday on my first whole day here I saw the prymaids off it the distance, absoultly breathe taking :)

The apartment flats we have here are huge we have a full livingroom, kitchen, and even two baths! The apartemnt is actually better than the ones I had back at college! It is such an expewricne to wake up in the morning 6 floors up and look out my window at a fantasic veiw of the city.

Today we got to visit a masque and all us girls were veiled for the service, it was quite an experience to witness how they worship and the piety they have.

I can barly wait to see what I will experience next. What I do know is this trip will be life changing :)


  1. Glad your semester over there is off to a great start.

  2. I wish I could see the beauty you are talking of through your eyes. How awesome to think you are having your birthday in Cairo. :)