Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Great Exploration of Gaza’s Pyramids

Jan. 22, 2009

Today we ventured out of Cairo to Gaza to see the famous pyramids and Sphinx. I’ve dreamed of this day since I was a child ever since I first saw them in a National Geographic. I remember just staring at pictures of them in awe and wonder. As the years past I became more and more enamored by this wonders of the world, I read so many books and watched so many documentaries about them hoping to someday see them with my own eyes. Finally, after years of longing my eyes at last looked upon the sere magnitude of these ancient wonders of the world. I felt as I did as a child full of wonder once again. The pyramids were everything I imagined and more. Not only was I able to see them, I climbed on the outside of one, and even went inside the other. It was quite an experience to squeeze myself through the narrow tunnels into the pyramid to the burial chamber of the pharaoh. The pharaoh himself was no longer there but the idea of just being inside the pyramid was thrilling enough. Along the wall was written when the tomb was uncovered in 1818. After exploring inside the pyramid my group ventured out into the surrounding area including the dessert to see all the pyramids and eventually wander over to the Sphinx. The Sphinx looked almost majestic perched alongside the hillside. After exploring there Nic (my boyfriend) and I decided to take a ride on a camel together. It was hilarious fun, part of me was terrified that I fall off, while the other part felt it was one of the most thrilling things I’ve ever done! Nic was really sweet to me by making sure I wouldn’t fall off by holding me tight and making sure our guide wouldn’t abandon us alone on the camel in the middle of the dessert, lol. The best part of the ride on the camel named Moses was the breathe taking views surrounding us the dessert on the one side of us and the ancient Egyptian ruins on our other side. I’ll never forget this day, the day my childhood dreams came true :)

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